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Due to the modification of the “Law of Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce” (LSSI), established by the Royal Decree 13/2012, entering into force, it is necessary to obtain the express consent from the user before they browse any web page that uses cookies. 



Cookies and other similar technologies such as local shared objects, flash cookies or pixels, are tools used by web servers to store and retrieve information about their visitors, as well as to provide a proper functioning of the site.

Through the use of these devices, the web server is permitted to record some of the user’s data, such as their page display preferences from this server, name and password, products they are most interested in, etc. 



According to the EU directive, the cookies that require the consent of the user are analytics cookies and advertising and affiliation cookies, leaving out the technical characteristics and those necessary for the operation of the website or the provision of services expressly requested by the user.  



There are five major groups of cookies: 

  • Analytics Cookies: collect information about how the website is used.   
  • Social Cookies: are those necessary for external social networks.  
  • Affiliate Cookies: allow the tracking of visits from other websites that have established an affiliation agreement (affiliation companies). 
  • Behavioural and Advertising Cookies: collect information on preferences and personal choices of the user (retargeting).  
  • Technical and Functional Cookies: those that are strictly necessary for the functioning of the website and for the provision of the service.  



has_js This cookie allows us to know if the user has or does not have JavaScript enabled in their browser  

_ga Used to identify the users.  

_gatUsed to differentiate between different monitoring objects created in the session. The cookie is created upon the loading of the JavaScript library and there is no previous version of the cookie _gat. The cookie is updated whenever it sends data to Google Analytics.  

_gid Generated automatically in a transparent manner for the website due to certain measurement or third-party codes - one day. 

PREF The use of location services like Google Maps involves the installation of these cookies.  

APISID These are used to remember user preferences during their browsing.  


SSID Also counts, on behalf of Google, the number of users who use maps.  

1P_JAR NID In order to make advertising more attractive - 6 months.  

HSID, SID In order to provide security mechanisms that prevent unauthorized access to user’s data or information which they provided on contact forms.  

CONSENT A cookie from Google Maps that is used for the operation of the Google map on the contact page.  







1. Select the ‘Tools’ icon 

2. Click ‘Settings’. 

3. Click ‘Show advanced options’. 

4. Under ‘Privacy and security’, click ‘Content settings’.  

• Delete cookies: Click all cookies and site data...  

• Do not allow cookies to be stored.  

5. Click on ‘clear browsing data’ (clear your Cache).  

6. Close and restart the browser.  


For more information about Chrome click here:


Internet Explorer. Version 11

1. Select ‘Tools’ | ‘Internet options’.  

2. Click the ‘General’ tab.  

3. In the ‘Browsing history’ section, click on ‘delete browsing history’.  

4. Select ‘Delete files’.  

5. Select ‘Delete cookies’.  

6. Click ‘Delete’.  

7. Click ‘OK’.  

8. Close and restart the browser.  


For more information about Internet Explorer click here:


Firefox. Version 18 

1. Select Firefox | ‘History’ | ‘Clear recent history’.  

2. Next to 'Details', click on the down arrow.  

3. Select the following checkboxes: ‘Cookies’, ‘Cache’, ‘Active logins’.  

4. Using the ‘time interval to delete’ in the drop-down menu, select ‘all’.  

5. Click ‘Delete now’.  

6. Close and restart the browser.  

You can accept or reject the cookies individually in Firefox Preferences, in the ‘history’ section available in ‘tools’ > ‘options’ > ‘privacy’.  


For more information about Mozilla Firefox click here:


Safari Version 5.1 

1. Select the Safari / Edit icon | ‘Reset Safari’.  

2. Select the following checkboxes: ‘clear history’, ‘delete all website data’  

3. Click ‘Restore’.  

4. Close and restart the browser.  


For more information about Safari click here:



Options - Advanced - Cookies.  

The cookies options control the mode in which Opera handles them and therefore their acceptance or rejection.  


Click here for more information about Opera:


Other browsers 

See the documentation of your browser you have installed.

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