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Our products optimise your formulations. A small dose makes huge improvements to your formula / product. As well as additives, Comindex offers a selection of resins, emulsions, biosolvents, fibres and other high performance specialty chemicals.


100% Renewable binders
Acrylic dispersions
Additives for improving scratch resistance of thermoplastics
Additives for recycled polymers
Additives for reduction of volatile components emission
Additives for thermoplastics
Adhesion promoters
Aerogel-like precipitated silica for improving thermal isolation and other functionalities
Alkyd and polyol resins
Aluminium pigments
Anti-blocking additives
Anticorrosive pigments
Anti hydrolysis additives
Anti-tack additives for UP, vinil ester and DCPD resins
Antifog additives
antistatic additives
Biosolvents - lactates
Carbon chemistry’s nanomaterials
Carbon fibers
Castor oils and its derivatives
Catalyst for organotin
Cellulose fibers 100% sustainable, biodegradable and non-toxic
Concentrated probiotic strains for cleaners
Conductive additives
Coupling agents
Defoamers for water-based systems
Dessiccation agents
Effect and pearl pigments
Epoxy resins
Flame retardant paste
Foam stabilisers
Functional load dispersions
Graphene oxide
Hollow glass micro-bead
Hybrid dispersions
Hybrid pigments
Impact modifiers and compatibilisers
Inorganic pigments
Linseed oils and its derivates
Liquid corrosion inhibitors
Liquid pigment dispersions
Melt Flow index modifiers
Mineral function load
Modified cellulose fibers
Modified PP fibers
Moisture scavengers


Nanoparticles dispersion
Nanotechnology additives
Nanotechnology resins
Necleation agents
Odour neutralizers
Oligomer and monomer UV curable additives
Organic air release additives/defoamers
Organic pigments
Overmolding adhesion promoters
Photocatalytic additives
Pigment dispersions
Polyols dispersions
Polyurethane dipersions
Process additives
Products for UV curing: oligomers, monomers and photoinitiators
Reactive diluents
Recycled plastic additives
Reduced Graphene oxide
Reinforcement additives
Release film
Rheology modifiers
Rust converters
Security taggants
Silica matting agents
Solvent-borne polyester resins
Solvent-borne polyurethane resins
Solvent-borne thermoplastic and thermosetting acrylic resins
Styrene-acrylic dispersions
Surface additives
Surface tension reducers
Transfer additive for flexography
Thermal and UV stabilization additives
UV absorbers / HALS
UV curable dispersions
Viscosity depressants
Wax additives (emulsions)
Wax additives (micronised)
Wax additives (solvent based)
Wax additives (water based dispersions)
Wetting and dispersing additives
Wetting and dispersing additives for powder coatings
Wetting and dispersing additives for thermoplastics



Adhesives and sealants
Architectural coatings
Can and coil coatings
Diesel and fuels
Industrial / protective / machinery coatings
Industrial cleaners
Inkjet inks
Lubricants and metalworking fluids
OEM automotive coatings
Paper coatings
Powder coatings
Refinish automotive coatings
SMC, BMC and pultrusion
Surface treatment
Systems: acrylic, EP, UPR, PU, VE
Wood coatings

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