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Effectiveness and greater sustainability for your coatings

Sustainability is an increasingly important aspect when it comes to developing new products. In addition to the properties and effects stemming from the product, issues relating to environmental impact, the underlying chemical and energy consumption also tend to play an important role.

Are you having problems achieving good resistance in your coatings?

Achieving high performance for your coatings is an arduous task.

Reaching a high level of chemical, mechanical or thermal resistance can be one of the greatest challenges for formulators.

However, in order to obtain these types of properties, Comindex would like to introduce you to the range of high-performance resins from our represented company Silixan.

Corrosion inhibitors: don’t take a gamble with rust

The appearance of undesired colours, loss of adhesion, formation of cracks or impairment and structural failures of the metal are some of the problems that arise from corrosion.

Therefore, an obvious question is: how can we avoid it?

There is a simple answer: corrosion inhibitors from our represented company Labema.


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