• Softergents: softness and cleaning in 2-in-1 detergents

    We explain what fabric softeners are, their associated drawbacks and we propose a solution to avoid them without losing their characteristic softness.
  • The commitment of Lehmann & Voss to future generations

    The German group Lehmann & Voss is conscious of the importance of sustainability in order to leave future generations with a better planet to live on.
  • Are you going to miss out on the final Comindex training sessions for this year?

    we have prepared three seminars for these final months of the year.
  • Epoxy resins: how to achieve the best results in your sector

    Comindex has a wide range of epoxy resins and reactive diluents manufactured by our represented company Aditya Birla Chemicals.
  • Lower prices in the current climate? Sometimes it is possible

    Our represented company Alberdingk Boley is lowering the prices of some of its acrylic dispersions.
  • Are you using the best photoinitiator for the curing of your coatings?

    Comindex has a wide range of photoinitiators from our represented company Double Bond Chemical.
  • Are you having problems achieving good resistance in your coatings?

    Achieving high performance for your coatings is an arduous task.

    Reaching a high level of chemical, mechanical or thermal resistance can be one of the greatest challenges for formulators.

  • Corrosion inhibitors: don’t take a gamble with rust

    The appearance of undesired colours, loss of adhesion, formation of cracks or impairment and structural failures of the metal are some of the problems that arise from corrosion.

  • Effectiveness and greater sustainability for your coatings

    Sustainability is an increasingly important aspect when it comes to developing new products.

  • The new generation of detergent products: super concentrates

    As society evolves, our level of awareness with the conservation of the planet also improves.
  • Silver Dollar aluminium pigments: more sustainable and higher quality paints

    Silver Dollar aluminium pigments: more sustainable and higher quality paints
  • Safer and less toxic halogen-free flame retardants

    Looking for an alternative to halogenated retardants in your composites? We tell you everything about one of our novelties.
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