• We are continuing with in-person events! And the virtual events will remain

    We do not stop. As usual. We continue with face-to-face events.
  • Ready-to-use nanomaterials for your coatings

    Carbon nanomaterials improve the quality of your products, yes, but dispersing them correctly is no easy task.
  • Odour neutralisers. Do you know which one to use?

    What are bad odors and how our range of CAMDsorb products works against them.
  • The product that allows you to reduce your electricity consumption (and your bill)

    Use QUARTZENE in your formulations and achieve more effective thermal insulation.
  • Is there anything better at bringing people together than a Calçotada?

    Finally, after two years, we were able to gather the entire team around one table.
  • The Sustainable Development Goals, a step closer thanks to the commitment of BBA Ecotech

    BBA Ecotech's commitment goes far beyond what is essential. You want to know why?
  • Reduce the viscosity of your epoxy formulations without adding VOCs

    Using a reactive thinner lowers the viscosity of your epoxy formulations, improves handling and ease of processing.
  • Is there a sustainable and safe alternative to solvents?

    The answer is yes". And it is also applicable to many sectors: paints, coatings, ...
  • The best catalysts for controlling cure times

    Optimize your processes by adjusting the curing time in adhesive systems, coatings, sealants, elastomers and foams.
  • How to achieve the most intense gloss effect for your plastic packaging

    From a pearlescent sheen to a glittery shimmer, include effect pigments and make your packaging shine as brightly as you like.
  • Which opaque pigment can save you the most?

    Reduce time, product and costs with opaque coatings in paints for decorative, industrial or automotive use.
  • A new expert in detergents joins our ranks!

    Anna Costa is our latest addition to the Commercial Technical Advisory team.
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