Silica-based matting agents

Silica-based matting agents

Monday, 13 May, 2024

The current trend in many sectors is to achieve matte coatings, with low gloss levels and a more natural appearance. To achieve this effect, Comindex recommends using Lingwe’s silica matting agents.

The silicas from our represented company Lingwe are ideal to obtain these finishes in a host of areas: wood coatings, industrial paints, UV curing coatings, polymeric glove coatings, coil coatings, inks, textiles, synthetic leather, leather, solar panels and more.

The wide range of matting agents includes:

  • TSA series: without surface treatment, available in different particle sizes (e.g., TSA-230, TSA-250, TSA-260, etc.).
  • TSA-W series: with a special surface treatment that provides excellent dispersion in water-borne systems (e.g., TSA-260W, TSA-230W, etc.).
  • Specific products for 100% solid or UV curing systems: harder to matte due to their low film shrinkage (e.g., HU-500, SUH-1, SUY-AL, etc.).

All our products deliver the following benefits:

  • High matting efficiency.
  • Excellent appearance and coating transparency.
  • Easy incorporation and dispersion.

One of the limitations of silica matting agents is the potential for sedimentation. To prevent hard sediment, Lingwe has come up with the TSA-L product range. Due to the surface treatment applied – which is based on oxidised PE waxes – not only do we improve anti-sedimentation properties, we also enhance the feel of the formulations (e.g., TSA-230L, TSA-250L, TSA-260L, TSA-270L, etc.).

In short, the range of silica matting agents distributed by Comindex incorporates a wide array of high-performance products for different sectors, enabling you to find the right matting agent for your formulation.

For further information on these products, please contact our team of technical sales advisors.



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