Lactic acid: a sustainable approach to cleaning

Lactic acid: a sustainable approach to cleaning

Monday, 13 May, 2024

Lactic acid, known for its function in food fermentation and the pharmaceutical industry, is emerging as a sustainable, effective alternative for household cleaning. Renowned for its effectiveness as a descaler and pH regulator, this naturally derived compound is becoming increasingly popular in detergents.

Its ability to dissolve and remove mineral deposits makes it an optimal choice for combating limescale buildup in bathrooms, kitchens and appliances. Additionally, as a pH regulator, it ensures a perfect environment for the removal of dirt and stains without damaging treated surfaces.


Figure 1: Tile cleaning.

Lactic acid stands out owing to its natural origin being derived from renewable sources and biodegradable. As a result, it is environmentally friendly. Its inclusion in detergents and cleaning products not only promotes effective cleaning but also contributes to the reduction of chemical waste and environmental impact.

Figure 2: Range of descaler products.


As well as its benefits as a descaler and pH regulator, lactic acid offers additional advantages for household care products, such as its antimicrobial action, which helps eliminate bacteria and fungi, and its gentleness, making it ideal for individuals with sensitive skin.

In conclusion, lactic acid establishes itself as a promising option for household cleaning, distinguished thanks to its versatility, natural origin and ability to address common cleaning issues effectively and in an environmentally friendly way. Its inclusion in detergents and cleaning products constitutes a major step towards a cleaner, more sustainable future for everyone.

Are you ready to eliminate limescale naturally and efficiently? Make the most of all the benefits of lactic acid and incorporate it into your descaling formulations.

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