Are you having problems achieving good resistance in your coatings?

Are you having problems achieving good resistance in your coatings?

Wednesday, 24 August, 2022

Achieving high performance for your coatings is an arduous task.

Reaching a high level of chemical, mechanical or thermal resistance can be one of the greatest challenges for formulators.

However, in order to obtain these types of properties, Comindex would like to introduce you to the range of high-performance resins from our represented company Silixan.

They have a wide range of products: Silixan A, Silixan CAT, Silixan M, Silixan S, Silixan T, Silixan U, Silixan W. But today we would like to highlight the Silixan U range.

This range consists of resins that combine an organic component and an inorganic component.

The organic component is flexible as it is based on urethane chemistry, without free isocyanate groups. On the other hand, the inorganic component is based on silane chemistry, with hydrolysable groups which, once cured, form siloxanes; i.e., hard, high-strength cores.

Thus, we obtain a structure where the hard inorganic cores are bonded to the organic, flexible polymeric matrix.

Thanks to the combination of these two chemistries, we achieve very high-performance resins with the following properties:

  • Very high abrasion resistance
  • High chemical resistance
  • High scratch resistance (reflux properties)
  • High hardness, but without losing flexibility
  • UV and weathering stability

In addition, the excellent adherence on metal surfaces (especially aluminium or stainless steel) and primed plastics makes them highly appealing for formulating transparent or pigmented coatings for the automotive sector.

They can also serve as co-binders in a large body of systems – polyurethane, epoxy, melamine or silicone resins – improving their mechanical properties.

For further information about these products, please contact our technical advisory team.



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