• How to achieve the most intense gloss effect for your plastic packaging

    From a pearlescent sheen to a glittery shimmer, include effect pigments and make your packaging shine as brightly as you like.
  • Which opaque pigment can save you the most?

    Reduce time, product and costs with opaque coatings in paints for decorative, industrial or automotive use.
  • A new expert in detergents joins our ranks!

    Anna Costa is our latest addition to the Commercial Technical Advisory team.
  • The best catalysts for controlling cure times

    Optimize your processes by adjusting the curing time in adhesive systems, coatings, sealants, elastomers and foams.
  • 2022 training offer: first registrations are now open!

    We now wish to reveal the various training options that we are preparing for 2022.
  • Our represented company Ruicheng is committed to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations

    Ruicheng is fully determined that commitment to the SDGs is very important for the development of a company.
  • Keys to avoiding fraud involving your products

    Olnica develops security taggants, which are all designed exclusively for each client.
  • Improve adhesion with high open time acrylic emulsions

    The 36XX family – acrylic emulsions from Alberdingk Boley – boasts unique technology.
  • Bactiblock IN-CAN: better protection thanks to ionic silver

    Bactiblock is a range of antimicrobial additives distributed by Comindex, whose active ingredient in the majority of the products is the silver ion.
  • Reduce the quantity of foam with a low dosage!

    BYK has increased its range of defoamers for oil-based lubricants with new products.
  • If you have corrosion problems, we have the solution!

    Nuestra representada Labema, ha desarrollado una amplia gama de productos en base agua, listos para añadir en una formulación.
  • Laboratorios Argenol is also committed to the SDGs

    Our represented company Laboratorios Argenol, a manufacturer of BactiBlock® antimicrobial additives, believes strongly in the SDG.
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