Corrosion inhibitors: don’t take a gamble with rust

Corrosion inhibitors: don’t take a gamble with rust

Wednesday, 24 August, 2022

The appearance of undesired colours, loss of adhesion, formation of cracks or impairment and structural failures of the metal are some of the problems that arise from corrosion.

Therefore, an obvious question is: how can we avoid it?

There is a simple answer: corrosion inhibitors from our represented company Labema.

Comindex distributes their liquid corrosion inhibitors in aqueous phase to prevent corrosion both in metal packaging – as there are weak points susceptible to corrosion, even though the surface is protected with varnish – and on the metal substrates.

We have two product ranges: EMADOX and AB RUST. Their use is recommended for paints, varnishes, lubricants, hydrosoluble oils, temporary protection, detergents and others.

These products act instantly when added to the formulation protecting the surface of the metal via 3 mechanisms:

  • Adsorption, creating a chemical barrier
  • Passivation, reinforcing the formation of a homogenous and insulating oxide layer
  • Formation of insoluble compounds on the surface

All of this is supported by an alkaline pH that delays the speed of corrosion and neutralises acid by-products. Thus, we achieve the following types of protection:

  • In-can protection
  • Anti-flash rust protection. We avoid the appearance of rust stains on metal substrates during the drying process when applying aqueous products


These products provide a temporary shield by protecting the metal when the coating or product in contact with the metal is in a “liquid” state and the water is evaporating.

For long-lasting protection we have the EMARUST range. These liquid corrosion inhibitors can work in isolation, as an alternative to anticorrosive pigments, or combined with them, sometimes creating a synergetic effect.

We also have the VEGERUST range of products, formulated with renewable plant-based raw materials. Their use enables the same results as the other ranges of products to be obtained, thereby acting as a more sustainable direct alternative.

For further information about these products, please contact our technical advisory team.



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