Enhancing energy efficiency with paints and coatings

Enhancing energy efficiency with paints and coatings

Monday, 15 April, 2024

At Comindex, we are constantly striving to offer products that contribute to sustainability.

Energy efficiency is a hugely significant market trend when it comes to sustainability, particularly since the enactment of the European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, EPDB, which encourages the decarbonisation of the built environment.

Excellent energy efficiency helps to reduce the consumption of electricity and fossil fuels, in turn leading to a reduction in energy costs. This amounts to sustainability on two fronts: worldwide and in our wallets.

How can we at Comindex help you to improve your energy efficiency?

We are introducing QUARTZENE, a product from our represented company Svenska Aerogel. It is an amorphous precipitated silica type aerogel with an extraordinarily low thermal transmission level. Among other benefits, it offers excellent thermal insulation.

Including QUARTZENE in your formulations contributes to sustainability by improving energy efficiency: keeping heat inside the home in winter, creating a warmer and more welcoming environment, and preventing heat ingress in summer to achieve a cooler and more comfortable home.

QUARTZENE is also a sustainable product on account of the fact that its patented aqueous production process does not use or generate waste from products containing VOCs.

QUARTZENE is available in hydrophobic grades – mainly recommended for outdoor applications – and hydrophilic grades – mainly recommended for indoor applications. Also, it comes in two different granule sizes.

We would be only too pleased to help you choose the most suitable product for your application.

In what types of applications can we use QUARTZENE?

We can formulate products using QUARTZENE for a broad range of product types:

  • Thermal insulating coatings
  • Cool-roof paints
  • Anti-condensation paints
  • Safe-touch paints
  • Fire-resistant coatings
  • Fire-resistant doors
  • Breathable mortars and plasters
  • ETICS: mortars, panels, and PES foams

With QUARTZENE, we are ensuring that improving energy efficiency is a goal that is well within your reach. At Comindex we are delighted to assist you in manufacturing innovative products that help to develop your business, while allowing you to break onto new markets and into new applications.

For further information about these products, please contact our team of technical sales advisors.



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