How can the curing time be made shorter in water-based 2K PU systems?

How can the curing time be made shorter in water-based 2K PU systems?

Tuesday, 14 March, 2023

The curing time in water-based 2K polyurethane coatings is often long, particularly compared to solvent-based systems.

If we wish to benefit from the excellent properties these water-based systems deliver, including:

  • Resistance to weathering, when cross-linking with aliphatic isocyanates
  • Chemical resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Scratch resistance

solutions must be found.

How can the curing time be made shorter in water-based 2K PU systems?

The simplest solution is to incorporate additional catalysts that shorten the curing time, although this can give rise to undesired effects such as low gloss, loss of levelling properties, and so on.

Comindex can offer you a solution with NECOWEL 720, a polyol with an enhanced structure offering a short drying time.

How it works and what the NECOWEL 720 polyol provides?

NECOWEL 720 has a high molecular weight polyester backbone which has been modified, incorporating building blocks which increase reactivity to isocyanates, allowing drying time to be reduced to only 3 hours.

Moreover, it is a VOC- and SVOC-free polyol that doesn’t contain APEO.

2K polyurethane lacquers formulated using this polyol have the following properties:

  • High gloss.
  • Excellent chemical, weathering and scratch resistance.
  • No yellowing in the final product.

For further information about these products, please contact our technical advisory team.or, if you are attending the ECS (from 28 to 30 March), we can organise a face-to-face visit.

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