Protect yourself against fraud

Protect yourself against fraud

Thursday, 14 February, 2019

When faced with claims for breach of the quality specifications of our product, it is increasingly common to find ourselves in situations where we are unable to prove that our product has been tampered with or that it is not the one that has ultimately been applied or incorporated into an end product.

To protect ourselves from this type of situation, Comindex has teamed up with OLNICA, a manufacturer of security taggants, to offer solutions adapted to different customer needs. The security taggants included in their solutions differ from those usually found on the market as they are not detectable by standard UV lamps.

The solutions offered by OLNICA are as follows:

- It is the simplest solution to avoid counterfeiting with imperceptible security taggants.
- Quick identification of the security taggant with the naked eye (using a lamp)
- Dual effect. Taggant invisible under conventional UV light and visible under a specific UV light (using the Olnica UV lamp)

IDENTITY can also be based on IR technology.

- The connected anti-counterfeit solution that allows effective on-site authentication.
- Authentication carried out via systems connected to the smartphone, backups and GPS location through the security cloud
- On-site authentication

- The best solution to track your product throughout the entire value chain until the finished product.
- Quantitative analysis of the material
- Detection using a spectrophotometer
- Identification on site or at laboratory level

- The most robust anti-fraud solution to protect yourself legally.
- Forensic security
- It works at the lowest security taggant dosage levels (10 – 50 ppm)
- It is recommended for high volume production (inks, polymers for electronic equipment, automotive, packaging, etc.)

These 4 solutions can be combined with each other.

For further information about these products, please contact our Technical Sales Advisors.


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