Copolymer emulsion with early water resistance

Copolymer emulsion with early water resistance

Friday, 15 October, 2021

It is essential to protect exterior surfaces during periods of extensive rainfall. For this reason, Comindex recommends emulsions from ASK Chemicals to develop weather-resistant coatings.

Derived from renewable sources, NECOWEL FLE 55 SR is a 55% solids emulsion of a copolymer based on linseed oil in water. As it is free of VOCs, SVOCs, cosolvents and APEO emulsifiers, it is an environmentally-friendly resin. The emulsion does not contain driers; however, both cobalt and cobalt-free driers can be used. The surface drying of the resin has been improved due to the use of a modified fatty acid in the formulation.

The most outstanding features of this product are:

  • Outstanding penetrating – low copolymer viscosity – and wetting power into the wood pores
  • Wood colour intensification – similar to traditional solvent systems
  • Early water resistance
  • Weather resistance
  • Water vapour permeable
  • Easy to repaint

Below is a comparison where the wood colour intensification can be observed. In the illustration, usage of NECOWEL FLE 55 SR is compared against an alkyd emulsion in a direct application on teak wood.


We recommend the use of this emulsion in both stains and impregnations for open pore wood as well as coatings for stone, thanks to the outstanding properties it possesses.

For further information about these products, please contact our technical advisory team.


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