Forget about labels with: SCONA TSPP 8219 GA

Forget about labels with: SCONA TSPP 8219 GA

Monday, 13 May, 2024

The Risk Assessment Committee has identified maleic anhydride as potentially irritating to skin. In Europe, this means that a residual content of this monomer at 10 ppm (0.001%) classifies the product as a skin irritant.

For polymeric modifiers, this means the product itself or the final product must be labelled if this limit is exceeded, impacting the handling of these materials and the implementation of precautionary measures.

Our new SCONA TSPP 8219 GA is a maleic anhydride-free coupling agent for polypropylene-based composites, offering the following features:

  • Improved impact resistance
  • Enhanced tensile and flexural strength
  • Reduced water absorption
  • Optimised surface appearance
  • No hazard label

SCONA TSPP 8219 GA is a chemically modified polypropylene homopolymer available in pellet form, and it is not subject to safety labelling in accordance with European regulations.

The table above demonstrates that the mechanical properties achieved with the new SCONA TSPE 8219 GA are fully comparable to those obtained with the traditional SCONA TPPP 9112 GA (modified with maleic anhydride) for the same system: PP with 30% short glass fibre.

All in all, SCONA TSPP 8219 GA is a compatibilising agent for polypropylene that ensures results equivalent to standard products, with the added benefit of being environmentally friendly and not classified as a skin irritant.

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