Improving properties at a lower cost - is it possible?

Improving properties at a lower cost - is it possible?

Friday, 14 October, 2022

The circumstances of recent years have caused the prices of all raw materials to rise. Although it seems that we are slowly starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, the search for new products that allow us to reduce costs is a reality.

What if we told you that we have a range of products that enables the costs of your formulation to be reduced and, moreover, improves its properties in some cases?


Anhydrous calcium sulphate: the solution for reducing costs

Torogips products, distributed by Comindex, are based on anhydrous calcium sulphate of high purity and whiteness.

The product allows partial substitution of TiO2 in thermoplastics, and we therefore achieve not only a reduction in costs of the end product, but we also maintain whiteness, opacity and brightness values.

In the case of biopolymers, this functional filler enables their properties to be improved, providing added value.

In addition, its entire product range – TiEx-R04 and FIL-04 – complies with certifications for use in food contact application.


Which products does Comindex offer you?


This sustainable and 100% natural product enables titanium dioxide to be partially substituted in white polyolefin masterbatches (LPDE, HDPE, PP).

Not only does it reduce formulation costs, but thanks to its low Mohs hardness it reduces machine wear compared to other fillers.

And, for good measure, it is resistant to weak acids, UV radiation, high temperatures, and also has low water absorption.


The addition of this functional filler achieves cost savings in PA6 composites and biopolymers (PBAT and PLA).

Furthermore, in these applications we can improve mechanical properties, nucleation and dimensional and thermal stability. Also, as with TiEx-R04, machine wear is reduced due to a lower Mohs hardness.


For further information about these products, please contact our technical advisory team.


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