Security taggants: the best solution to prevent claims

Security taggants: the best solution to prevent claims

Friday, 13 January, 2023

Claims filed against companies due to their products failing to meet quality specifications cause the biggest upset for them.

The difficulty lies in proving that their product has not caused whatever issue has arisen, whether this is because the product has been tampered with, because it has not been properly applied or incorporated, or indeed because it is not the one that has ultimately been used in your end product.

In order to safeguard your business from these situations, Comindex is presenting Olnica’s security taggants. These taggants can be incorporated into a range of products (coatings, plastics, inks, textiles, etc.) thanks to their excellent properties, meaning you no longer need to worry about claims.

However, why would you use security taggants?

These security taggants can be incorporated into a multitude of products thanks to their excellent properties:

  • Stable at temperatures of up to 450ºC
  • Stable at pH between 3 and 14
  • No colour or opacity due to their small particle size

Moreover, these taggants provide a unique seal of authenticity that can be detected at any point in the chain of production. Accordingly, they make it possible to confirm whether or not a product is present and even how concentrated it is, with the potential to warn about improper use of the product.


Choose the security taggant that best suits your product

There are different levels of security which adapt to the requirements of each client and product:

  • IDENTITY: The simplest level of security. These taggants are detected with a dedicated UV lamp with a specific wavelength, different to that of standard lamps.
  • AUTHENTICITY: This enables product authenticity to be determined via the use of electronic devices. The security taggant can be detected from any location, using appropriate portable equipment. This detection technology may also be incorporated onto smartphones, for example.
  • INTEGRITY: The best solution to track your product from the start and right to the end of the value chain. Using a spectrometer, you can verify the additive concentration, controlling the correct use of your product.
  • GUARDIAN: This is the best additive if you want the most robust solution. It employs forensic technology to detect each security taggant, which is unique and customised for your product.

Furthermore, in some cases, different techniques can be combined to achieve a higher level of security.

For further information about these products, please contact our technical advisory team.

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