• The new generation of detergent products: super concentrates

    As society evolves, our level of awareness with the conservation of the planet also improves.
  • Silver Dollar aluminium pigments: more sustainable and higher quality paints

    Silver Dollar aluminium pigments: more sustainable and higher quality paints
  • Safer and less toxic halogen-free flame retardants

    Looking for an alternative to halogenated retardants in your composites? We tell you everything about one of our novelties.
  • Super-sustainable development at Labema

    We never get tired of talking about everything that our represented do for the planet. Today we tell you how Labema contributes.
  • We have a new home!

    We continue to bring improvements to Comindex digital content.
  • Save costs and obtain paints with dual functionality

    Can you imagine a facade that cleans itself and decontaminates the environment?
  • Do you know how to avoid cracks in your products?

    We show you an effective way to prevent the formation of cracks in your coatings, paints and adhesives.
  • Is formulating your aqueous paints becoming increasingly complicated?

    High pH values, without biocides or VOCs... There are more and more factors to take into account in your formulations.
  • We are continuing with in-person events! And the virtual events will remain

    We do not stop. As usual. We continue with face-to-face events.
  • Ready-to-use nanomaterials for your coatings

    Carbon nanomaterials improve the quality of your products, yes, but dispersing them correctly is no easy task.
  • The planet's goals are your goals

    As you well know, at Comindex we are very aware of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) established by the UN.
  • Odour neutralisers. Do you know which one to use?

    What are bad odors and how our range of CAMDsorb products works against them.
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