• Lactic acid: a natural way of removing limescale

    If you are keen to find out, please read on because this article will answer every one of these questions.
  • How can the properties of bioplastics be improved?

    BYK’s new additives in the SCONA TPPL series are perfect for this goal
  • Sustainability: we are changing the laws

    The climate emergency and the social crisis require affirmative solutions and, to achieve this, everyone needs to become involved.
  • Are you coming to the MAV Day?

    Do you know what CMAV is; what its purpose is; and what activities it promotes? Allow us to reveal all!
  • Carbodiimides: safer and more sustainable cross-linkers

    Diisocyanates are the most widely used cross-linkers in the polyurethane sector.
  • We have a new pigment for plastics. What’s more, it is low cost! Are you familiar with it?

    Our represented company DCL has developed a new yellow pigment, DCL-Y169-02, with colour index PY.169, for general plastics applications.
  • We are returning to the Paint & Coatings exhibition!

    On 15 and 16 November 2022, Comindex will return again as an exhibitor at the Paint & Coatings exhibition.
  • Improving properties at a lower cost - is it possible?

    Torogips products, distributed by Comindex, are based on anhydrous calcium sulphate of high purity and whiteness.
  • Is it possible to formulate without biocides?

    We have the Circolit functional filler from our represented company Cirkel, which enables partial substitution of TiO2.
  • Say goodbye to stains: slow down the deterioration of your coatings

    The Alberdingk AC 36XX family of resins, with excellent stain resistance, is the ideal choice for avoiding the appearance of stains.
  • Softergents: softness and cleaning in 2-in-1 detergents

    We explain what fabric softeners are, their associated drawbacks and we propose a solution to avoid them without losing their characteristic softness.
  • Are you using the best photoinitiator for the curing of your coatings?

    Comindex has a wide range of photoinitiators from our represented company Double Bond Chemical.
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